Class Outline

    1. Welcome to Class!

    2. Class Downloads

    3. The Art of Playful Lettering

    1. Letter A

    2. Letter B

    3. Letter C

    4. Letter D

    5. Letter E

    6. Letter F

    7. Letter G

    8. Letter H

    9. Letter I

    10. Letter J

    11. Letter K

    12. Letter L

    13. Letter M

    14. Letter N

    15. Letter O

    16. Letter P

    17. Letter Q

    18. Letter R

    19. Letter S

    20. Letter T

    21. Letter U

    22. Letter V

    23. Letter W

    24. Letter X

    25. Letter Y

    26. Letter Z

    1. The Final Details

    2. Final Artwork

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About this course

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  • 32 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Bonus material

Extras included in this free course.

  • Project Downloads

    Download the color palette and my sketch for this project as a Procreate Template to make it easy to follow along.

  • Bonus Lesson

    Follow along with me to add cute details in the final bonus lesson make this piece extra playful and fun!

  • Bonus material

    By reader request, you can download a PDF version of my final artwork in the bonus section of the class.

Meet The Class Instructor

Lettering Artist, Educator & Author Dawn Nicole Warnaar

Dawn Nicole is a self-taught lettering artist who has run the creative website for over ten years. She’s an Enneagram Type 1w9 with a love of kindness, coffee, ampersands, reading, big dogs, hoop earrings, Thai food, traveling, and her Apple Pencil. She resides outside St. Louis with her Air Force husband and three school-aged kiddos. Her book, The Art of Playful Lettering, hits shelves on January 28, 2024.