Learn to Create Gorgeous Watercolor Lettering in Procreate!

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Welcome to Class!

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What Does the Class Cover/Include?

This Project-Based Learning class is a little over 90 minutes long. It is broken down into 5 Chapters and includes 30 video lessons. You'll learn the exact techniques I use to create gorgeous digital watercolor art.

  • We'll cover sketching, digitally inking letters, using Procreate layers, and clipping masks and more all while creating the beautiful "Drink More Water" class project.

  • Included Course Downloads: a Class Reference Guide, Procreate Color Palette, Lettering Template, Copyright 101 PDF, and mockup photo.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We use The Watercolor Lettering Kit for Procreate for this class and it is sold separately in my shop for $12.

Bonus Content

The class includes three bonus lessons!

  • How to Make a Sticker

    I'll show you how to turn your designs into fun stickers and share my favorite place to have durable, vinyl stickers printed.

  • How to Use Mockups

    We'll put our sticker design on a mockup photo right in Procreate. No fancy design software is necessary. Plus, you'll get a free mockup photo to use for this lesson!

  • Copyright 101

    I'm not a lawyer, of course, but I've learned a lot about trademarks and copyright over the years. I'm sharing everything I know with you to help keep you legal when it comes to using quotes, phrases, etc. in your hand lettering work.

Course curriculum

Learn to Create Gorgeous Watercolor Lettering in Procreate!

    1. Welcome to Watercolor Lettering in Procreate!

    2. Class Supplies and Downloads

    1. The Importance of Sketching

    2. How to Keep Your Letters Consistent

    3. Setting Up Your Canvas

    1. A quick note on this chapter...

    2. Letter "D"

    3. Letter "r"

    4. Letter "i"

    5. Letter "n"

    6. Letter "k"

    7. Letter "m"

    8. Letter "o"

    9. Letter "E"

    10. Letter "r"

    11. Letter "W"

    12. Letter "a"

    13. Letter "t"

    14. Letter "e"

    15. Letter "R"

    16. Adding the Hearts with Stamps

    1. Organizing Your Layers

    2. Adding Color To Each Letter

    3. Creating the Color Blends

    4. Watercolor Paper Texture Background

    5. Adding the Edge Bleeds

    6. Adding the Watercolor Hearts + Splatters

    7. Adding Texture to the Lettering

    8. Final Notes and Exporting Your Artwork

    1. Making a Sticker

    2. Using a Mockup in Procreate

    3. Copyright 101

    1. A note before you go...

About this course

  • $30.00
  • 33 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Meet Your Instructor


Lettering Artist, Educator & Author Dawn Nicole Warnaar

Dawn Nicole is a self-taught lettering artist who has run the creative website byDawnNicole.com for over ten years. She’s an Enneagram Type 1w9 with a love of kindness, coffee, ampersands, reading, big dogs, hoop earrings, Thai food, traveling, and her Apple Pencil. She resides outside St. Louis with her Air Force husband and three school-aged kiddos. Her book, The Art of Playful Lettering, hits shelves on January 28, 2024.


  • What Do I Need for this Class?

    You'll need an iPad, Apple Pencil, the Procreate App, and my Watercolor Lettering Kit for Procreate Brushes (available in my shop). Everything else you'll need is included in your class downloads.

  • Why is The Watercolor Lettering Kit for Procreate (the Brushes) a Separate Purchase?

    Instead of including the Brush Kit and pricing the course higher, I decided to offer them separately for those who only want The Lettering Brush Kit. It's also more budget-friendly to price them lower and offer them separately.

  • Is it okay if I'm new to Procreate and/or Hand Lettering?

    Yes! We'll take things step-by-step. I love project-based learning because it makes things more fun and easier to understand. (Note that this is not a full hand-lettering course. We'll focus on the letters in the "Drink more water" class project.)

  • Can I watch it anytime?

    Yes! The class is pre-recorded and you can watch it anytime that is convenient for you. You have lifetime access.

  • What language is the class in? Does it have subtitles?

    The class is in English. It does not have subtitles currently, sorry! That was an added expense and I opted to forgo them to keep the class price down.